Quarter Horses

East Texas is home to the versatile and distinguished American Quarter Horse, renowned for its strength, agility, and agreeable nature. This breed plays a significant role in the local equestrian scene, valued for both its historical legacy and practical capabilities.

Photo with Quarter Horse.

Origins and Development

The American Quarter Horse has a storied past, tracing back to the early 1600s. Bred initially for its speed in short-distance racing—particularly the quarter-mile, from which it derives its name—this breed evolved through the crossbreeding of English thoroughbreds with local Native American horses. This blending produced a horse capable of exceptional speed and endurance, perfectly suited to the demands of early American settlers.

Distinctive Traits

Quarter Horses are characterized by their sturdy and muscular physique, which includes a well-defined chest and powerful hindquarters. Typically standing between 14.3 and 16 hands (approximately 57 to 64 inches) and weighing 950 to 1,200 pounds, they exhibit a broad range of coat colors including sorrel, bay, black, buckskin, palomino, and gray. Their compact build and balanced proportions contribute to their reputation for strength and speed.


Known for their gentle and cooperative demeanor, Quarter Horses are easy to handle and train, making them suitable for riders of all levels. They are intelligent and exhibit a calm temperament, which makes them reliable in various settings, from work environments to leisurely activities.

Adaptability and Roles

The adaptability of the Quarter Horse is one of its most celebrated attributes. In East Texas, these horses are indispensable for ranch work, excelling in activities such as cattle herding and other agricultural tasks. Their agility and rapid acceleration make them top performers in competitive events like barrel racing, roping, and cutting. Additionally, their reliable and placid nature makes them a popular choice for trail riding and family companionship.

Care Requirements

Maintaining a Quarter Horse involves regular grooming, a well-balanced diet, and consistent veterinary care. Their active disposition means they benefit from ample exercise and mental stimulation. The expansive pastures and suitable climate of East Texas offer an ideal setting for nurturing and caring for these dynamic horses.

Breeding Excellence

East Texas is home to numerous breeders dedicated to upholding and enhancing the qualities of the Quarter Horse. Breeding programs here focus on key traits such as temperament, structural soundness, and performance capabilities, ensuring the continued excellence of the breed. The region’s vibrant equine community provides ample opportunities for networking through events, shows, and rodeos, fostering a strong support system for Quarter Horse enthusiasts.

  • 4R Quarter Horses – Quality Performance Quarter Horses with Two Eyed Jack and Zan Parr Bar Bloodlines. Home of our Stallions: AQHA Texas Yellow Jack and AQHA Campaigner Blue Jack.
  • 5C Quarter Horses – Anchored by an own son of Sun Frost and a Cremello descended From Driftwood, The 5C breeding program offers superior athleticism combined with outstanding dispositions.
  • Circle J Paints & Quarters – We are located in Detroit Texas 17 miles east of Paris Texas on Highway 82. We have been involved with horses for over 35 years. We take pride in raising color as well as quality horses that have the bloodlines that can be taken in any direction. We are standing three stallions at this time, AQHA BLACKS LITTLE TARI, a own son of BLACK LITTLE LENA, & APHA POCOS DRIFTIN CACTUS, Great Grandson of POCO DELL & CACTUS BEN. As well as AQHA DOCS PEQUITO ROJO finished cutter.
  • Firewaterontherocks – The winningest son of Firewater Flit with current barrel racing earnings over $180,000. Standing to the public – A beautiful palamino that has it all…speed, agility, conformation, pedigree and a great disposition. We also have offspring for sale.
  • Fisher Ranch – AQHA stud service. We raise cutting and cow bred Quarter Horses. We stand at stud and raise quality quarter horses that have a lot of the top cutting bloodlines in the industry. We also raise and show Friesian horses for fun and pleasure!
  • Flying H Quarter Horses – Located 8 miles south of Kilgore near Overton. We stand Two Jack Peppy, a money earner who was in the top ten in the World in 93-94 in Team Penning. His pedigree includes, Mr. San Peppy, Two Eyed Jack, Peppys Forty, Shelton Cuatro and El Rey Rojo. We also have some of his offspring of various ages for sale. We strive to raise Quarter horses with good minds and dispositions combined with athletic abilities that are easy on the eyes. “Peppy’s” offspring are packed with “cow” and are used in all disciplines including working cowhorse, cutting, ranch work, barrel racing, team penning, trail or just pleasure. Come take a look!!!
  • Fuelin W Quarter Horses – Raising and riding barrel horses and all around performance horses with Oklahoma Fuel breeding. Standing Joe Reed Fuel to the public.
  • Glenn Watson Ranch – Located 2 miles west of Paris, Texas, Glenn Watson’s horses are bred with performance in mind. At this present time, two outstanding stallions are available for breeding to outside mares: AQHA Bobs Sodbuster, COA and NCHA money earner, is an own son of the fabulous Bob Acre Doc; and APHA Smart Lil Crimson is a sorrel tobiano own son of Smart Little Pistol. Shipped semen is available for both studs. Many well-bred mares and colts are offered for sale. If you are into cutting or reining, you can’t go wrong with these bloodlines.
  • Greer Quarter Horses – Specializing in up close Leo and Sugar Bars bred quarter horses. We are located in Garrison, Texas offering weanlings to finished horses. Come and visit a while!
  • Hathorn Quarter Horse Ranch – The Hathorn Quarter Horse Ranch has been in the horse business for over forty-five years. Providing East Texas with the best quality American Quarter Horses around. We raise Halter, Western Pleasure, and Roping horses. We are located on 120 acres between Wells and Alto on Hwy 69 North. The ranch is owned and operated by Clay, Brandie, and Justin Hathorn. We have a great love for horses and love what we do very much. So stop by and visit any time.
  • Hidden Paint Ranch – A full service family owned horse facility conveniently located in North East Texas off I-20. Our stallion services offer a very versatile bloodline and a very well “Cow Bred” bloodline. Dedicated to producing top- quality Paint and Quarter horses with world-class abilities.
  • High Point Hideaway – Located in East Texas, we specialize in breaking and training of young horses for western pleasure, hunt seat, hunter jumpers & barrel racing. We have a nice selection of show horses as well as lesson or trail horses offered for sale. In addition to training we give riding lessons from beginners to the advanced jumper. Check out our Stallion Alley for your breeding needs. Browse our website and if there is anything we can offer more information on please drop us an email.
  • Hodges Farms – Win! Speed is only a problem when you don’t have it! You WILL have it when you own a horse out of one of our stallions! Own son of Sun Frost, Own son of Mr. Jess Perry, Own son of Docs Oaks Sugar. Broodmares: Bugs Alive in 75, Okalahoma Fuel, Martha Six Moons, Hancock,Sak Em San,Driftwood, etc. Weanlings to 5 year olds.
  • Perkins Ranch – Home of the Poco Bueno horses with the modern crosses of Mr Sun O Lena, Chicas Playboy and Julius Peppy.
  • Reddick Ranch – Standing Three quality stallions – First Gold Express – Cremello AQHA stallion, Investor bred, half brother to Invest in Rodeo. Will always give you that cowboy color no matter what color your mare is! Citas Flying Spark is a double homozygous grandson of Shots Flying Spark – 2 X reserve world champion, Cita is homozygous for the black gene as well as the tobiano gene, will always give you a painted baby, all his foals are easy to train and work with! Justa Shot of Sparks is our buckskin own son of Shots Flying Spark, 2x reserve world champion and champion producer, his foals are quick and catty, making the way into the roping and barrel arenas now!
  • Rockin H Quarter Horses – Stallion Services with own sons of High Brow Cat, Haidas Little Pep, and Reminic. Our goal is to produce offspring from quality and proven cutting, reining,and halter bloodlines. We have Quarter Horses with peigree foundation bloodlines that go back to Doc Bar, Leo, Flit, Poco Bueno, King P234, just to name a few. The end product is a horse that can work all week then show on the weekends. We breed for the mind, disposition, and athletic ability for getting the job done. Our mares and stallions have these qualities and are passing them on to their babies. We imprint our foals at birth and handle them as much as possible.
  • Rockin N Ranch – We have been breeding American Quarter horses since 1970. We have foals for sale with outstanding conformation from proven bloodlines that make outstanding barrel racing and pole bending horses; roping horses; working cow horses; and general all-around youth horses. They are good minded and easy to train. Bloodlines include: King234, Blue Valentine, Two Eyed Jack, Poco Bueno, Doc’s Prescription, King Fritz, Sun Frost, Raise a Native, Depth Charge, Sugar Bars, Citation Bars, Rightfully, Johnny Dial, Nasrullah, Dash For Cash, Jet Deck, Mr. Meyers.
  • Sandstone Creek Ranch – Located in Gladewater, we are producing offspring from quality and proven cutting horse bloodlines. Our horses are handled daily with foals being handled from birth. Standing an own son of Smart Peppy Doc x Doc O’Lena.
  • Sunshine Farm – Offering offspring by SF Cole Cat, an own son of High Brow Cat and out of some of the best bred mares in the performance horse industry! Located in Jacksonville, Texas.
  • Walking S Ranch – We have a wide range of colored reining, cutting, & foundation bred yearlings and two year olds for sale – along with finished horses and broodmares.