Shetland and Welsh Ponies

Originating from the windswept Shetland Islands of Scotland, Shetland Ponies embody resilience and charm in a compact frame. Standing between 28 to 42 inches tall, these ponies boast a spectrum of colors from robust blacks to gentle greys, all adorned with thick coats, manes, and tails tailored by nature to brave the elements. Despite their small stature, Shetlands exhibit surprising strength, capable of pulling twice their weight—a testament to their innate endurance and determination. Renowned for their gentle disposition, they are cherished companions in children’s riding circles and esteemed competitors in driving and show arenas, showcasing agility and intelligence that belie their size. Prized for their longevity and minimal upkeep, Shetland Ponies are enduring symbols of rugged beauty and dependable performance.

Shetland and Welsh Ponie photo.

Enchanting and versatile, Welsh Ponies captivate with their grace and intelligence, a legacy from their origins in Wales. Grouped into distinct categories—Welsh Mountain Ponies (Section A), Welsh Ponies of Riding Type (Section B), Welsh Ponies of Cob Type (Section C), and Welsh Cobs (Section D)—they vary in size and purpose, from dainty mountain dwellers to sturdy cob types. Their refined features—expressive eyes, arched necks, and flowing manes—reflect a rich palette of colors, from deep bays to luminous roans. Celebrated for their athleticism and willingness, Welsh Ponies excel in arenas from dressage to show jumping, embodying the spirit of versatility prized by equestrians worldwide. Their spirited yet tractable nature makes them ideal partners for riders of all ages, blending beauty with capability in a timeless union that defines the Welsh Pony’s enduring allure.

  • Lazy J Welsh Pony Ranch – The Lazy J raises, trains, and shows Section B and Half-Welsh ponies. We train driving ponies, ride English and Western, and jump. We usually have some nice ponies and occasionally some horses for sale. We would love to have you visit in person or electronically.
  • The Promise Welsh Ponies – An East Texas Welsh pony farm with Section A Welsh Mountain ponies for sale, stallions at stud and mares for breeding.